Getting to know our Aussie Coffee

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One of the things that Moonshine Coffee Roasters prides itself on is our passion for locally grown coffee. In fact, all of our specialty blends contain locally grown bean; something that sets us apart from a lot of roasters (sadly even those found within the region) For us not including locally grown coffee just doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of like having wine bar in the Hunter Valley and only serving French vino.

As a crop coffee has been grown in Australia, and indeed this region for well over a century. In fact Australia’s first commercial planting was established in 1832, just over the boarder at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. Now-a-days there are a handful of growers scattered across the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland (not to mention the tablelands of North Queensland) At Moonshine Coffee Roasters we are lucky to work closely with coffee growers Green Cauldron and have even set up our roastery on their Federal Estate plantation.

The variety that is grown at Green Cauldron is Bourbon-type of “Coffea Arabica” called K7. The origins of the bean can be traced to a single tree selected by Mr R.H Walker in 1936 from French Mission in Muhoroni, Kenya. The Bourbon variety actually developed as a natural mutation from coffee introduced from Yemen to the Bourbon Islands (now Reunion Island) before being re-introduced to a number of countries in Africa and South and Central America. Between the years 1988-1992 field trials were established in the New South Wales Far North Coast to assess the commercial viability of various cultivars based on cup quality, bean size, yield, harvestability and resistence to pest and disease. From all the culitvars the K7 performed the most admirably and is now the dominant Arabica coffee variety grown in the region.

The unique combination of micro-climates and the rich volcanic soils of the Byron Bay Hinterland help replicate the conditions found in more equatorial growing regions of 1200 metres or higher. As a result we find the Green Cauldron beans work really well in pulling together the blend, adding a smooth, natural sweetness full of caramels and subtle chocolates to our espresso.

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