Lunar Coffee Scales

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The Acaia Lunar coffee scale takes the breakthrough design and technology of the Acaia line and condenses it into a device that’s small enough to fit onto the drip tray of any espresso machine.
The Lunar scales take the guessing out of espresso and enable you to take control to achieve the flavour and body you enjoy with a 20 millisecond response time, an embedded stopwatch, and accuracy down to a tenth of a gram (though weighing by ounces is also an option).
Unlike any other scales, the device is Bluetooth enabled to give you insights into your brewing habits and provide recipes for you to experiment with via the Acaia app collection. Charging the scale is painless with the rechargeable battery.
Every espresso enthusiast knows the pain of losing a scale to water or espresso damage, but with the Lunar, those fears can be put to rest.Spill a shot of espresso all over the scale? No problem! Rinse the portafilter and cover it in water? Just wipe it off! This scale takes water resistance to a new level.
20 Millisecond Response Time
Know how much espresso is in the cup immediately without delay.
Reads Every 0.1 Gram
This scale can read when water evaporates. You know that’s awesome.
Embedded Stopwatch
No need to glance at your phone or an additional timer.
Rechargeable Battery
Don’t like going to the store to buy batteries? No problem.
Auto Power Options
Customize the auto-off setting in the app.
Never kill another scale again by spilling water or espresso on it.
Micro Design
Small enough to fit on any espresso machine’s drip tray or in any travel bag.
Supporting Apps
Adjust settings, learn about your brew, and share your recipes with the Acaia apps.
1 Acaia Lunar Scale
1 Mini-USB Cable
1 Acaia Calibration Weight
1 Acaia Aerial Heat Resistant Pad (Black)
Premium Aluminum, Water-Resistant Body
105mm (W) x 105mm (L) x 15.5mm (H)
Measures In
Grams, Ounces
4.4 lbs / 2kg