From Byron to Brisbane: The Moonshine Coffee Legacy

Moonshine Coffee started as a simple family venture in the lush hinterlands of Byron Bay. It has since transformed into a name whispered amongst coffee aficionados across Australia. From the quiet beginnings behind the roaster in Federal Village to bustling venues in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, and Billinudgel, the legacy of Moonshine is a testament to dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Humble Beginnings in Byron Bay

Our story began in the serene village of Federal, where our founders, immersed in the world of coffee, spent as much time on tractors as behind roasters. Byron Bay, with its breathtaking vistas and free-spirited community, infused its essence into every bean we roasted.

Moonshine's Expansion: From the Village to the City

In 2016, the heartbeat of Moonshine echoed in Fred's old mechanic shed in Federal village. It was here that our team grew, all united by a fervent passion for coffee. As we expanded, so did our family of loyal coffee enthusiasts, stretching from the coastlines of Sydney to the bustling streets of South Korea.

Fast forward to 2020, and Moonshine was ready to introduce its distinct flavour to Brisbane, with a new venue in Kangaroo Point. And not long after, a roastery and cafe sprung up in the quaint town of Billinudgel, further solidifying our mark in the coffee landscape.

Serving More Than Just Coffee

To Moonshine, coffee is more than just a brew. It's a tradition. A ritual. A conversation starter. The satisfaction we derive isn't just from the aromatic blends we create but from the communities we build and the connections we foster.

The Future of Moonshine

While our legacy is rich, the future holds even more promise. With an unwavering commitment to ethically sourced beans, sustainable practices, and sheer passion, Moonshine Coffee will continue to brew stories, one cup at a time.

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