Instant Moonshine Organic Specialty Coffee

Coffee snobs have been paying out big-time on instant coffee since, well, since always. The general feel has been that it would be better to switch to tea than open that jar of brown stuff, right? Well, maybe so when it comes to commercial instant coffee, but definitely not since we came up with Instant Moonshine.

Instant Moonshine is made from our signature, organic, small-batch roasted Moon Runner beans. After being brewed and turned into a concentrated freeze-dried coffee, your instant fix is available in a 40 gram tin that produces approximately 20 cups of instant specialty coffee.

Instant Moonshine

What’s so special about it?

Instant speciality coffee is carefully and intentionally extracted prior to freeze drying to create the highest quality instant coffee possible.

In contrast to commercial instant coffee, that’s produced with a firm eye to creating as much quantity and for a little cost as possible, specialty instant coffee is made from top grade Arabica coffee beans, extracted to maximise flavour rather than volume.

The roasted whole beans used by big commercial producers can be extremely low in quality, extracting up to 60% of the coffee using extreme pressures and temperatures. Some manufacturers use chemical solvents to maximise the volume of coffee they can extract. The brewed coffee is often dried by spraying onto drying towers that are more than 270 degrees celsius, significantly impacting flavours and aromas. As in, it tastes bad.

Specialty instant coffee uses a freeze-drying process that generally doesn’t go above 40 degrees celsius, meaning that many of the flavours and characteristics of the original roasted coffee beans are retained. In other words, it tastes good.

Instant Moonshine Coffee

Okay, I’m interested. How does freeze-drying work?

Freeze-drying is a dehydration process. It works by freezing brewed coffee, then reducing the surrounding pressure to create a vacuum. This results in frozen water in the coffee transforming directly from a solid to a gas (a process called sublimation for the science nerds).
Once all the water is gone, the previously dissolved solids are left behind as a powder. No chemicals, no high temperatures. When you re-combine the now freeze-dried powder with water again, you have, well, instant coffee!

Hang on, I’m confused. Is this filter coffee or more like espresso?

The flavour of Instant Moonshine is full, rich and remarkably like the espresso flavours of the Moon Runner blend. The result is something between a long black and filter coffee. That means chocolatey, smooth and full flavoured. And it’s cracking with milk.

So far, we have only used our espresso roast profile of the Moon Runner Blend, but a single origin filter-style specialty instant coffee is a possibility at some point in the future.

Instant Moonshine

Well, that sounds like magic.

Almost! If you want something extra in your cup, try Instant Magic Moonshine, which is Instant Moonshine blended with Lions Mane, Chaga and Tremella mushrooms. The result is clean, focused energy with the benefits of anti-aging adaptogens and immune support.

No laws are broken in the manufacture of this product. It’s hippy, not trippy.

Hey, are you guys preppers?

Look, we don’t think the world is going to end. But with a shelf life of over two years, having a tin of Instant Moonshine means you are prepared for anything. That’s all we’re saying. 

Instant Moonshine and Magic Moonshine are available in store or online now.
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