Don’t Blame It On The Moon Lite

Coffee lovers have faced the same conundrums since Kaldi, the legendary Ethiopian goatherd, watched his goats dance all night after eating coffee cherries in the afternoon. Should I have that extra coffee after midday? Will that short black after desert keep me up all night? Is there a way to both enjoy my daily brew and get a good night’s sleep?

Until now, the answer to a late-in-the-day coffee craving has been ordering a decaf. Decaffeinated coffee beans go through an extraction process using a water-based saturated solution that removes caffeine while keeping most of the coffee's flavour compounds in place. And while this process provides 99.9% decaffeinated coffee, a lot of coffee officiandos are not satisfied by the lower body and restrained flavour that results from this process.

Byron Moonshine Coffee Roasters
This led Byron Moonshine Coffee’s founder Richard Kelly, to wonder what might happen if you took a full bodied, full flavoured coffee like the Moon Runner Blend, and blended it with beautifully roasted decaf beans? The answer is Moon Lite.

The Moon Lite blend has a rich and full body with an extraordinary velvety mouthfeel. It has all the wonderful chocolatey flavour and full finish that characterises the Moon Runner blend. Moon Lite tastes great black or with cow’s milk or any alternate mylk of your choice.

No matter whether your coffee of choice is a short black or an oat latte, each coffee made with Moon Lite has half the usual amount of caffeine.

Byron Moonshine Coffee Roasters Moon Lite
No corners have been cut in producing Moon Lite. The Moon Runner blend is roasted with the same passion and contains only organic, fair and direct traded coffee beans from Colombia, Peru and Mexico. The decaf beans are also sourced from Mexico and are carefully roasted to complement the flavours and extraction profile of the Moon Runner beans.

One of the great things about the Mexican decaf is that no chemicals are used in the process. Instead, a certified Mountain Water Decaf process means the beans still convey notes, flavours, and aromas indicative of its place of origin.

The result? An easy to use, easy to drink, low-caffeine coffee.

So, turn to Byron Moonshine Coffee’s Moon Lite when you feel like a lift later in the day, or feel like getting your inner dancing goat on, all without sacrificing a great night’s sleep.

*Byron Moonshine Coffee Decaf 100% Mountain Water process coffee is also available to purchase if you are after a guaranteed caffeine-free coffee.

Byron Moonshine Coffee Roasters

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