Moonshine’s Pilot Light Blend Review

Every family has a member that has a ‘big’ personality. Say hello to the Pilot Light Blend from Byron Moonshine Coffee. A blend of big bodied and full flavoured beans, it is full of flavour and punch. So, here’s your guide to the Pilot Light blend - what’s in it, how to use it, and where to get it.

Why is it called Pilot Light?

The name of the blend refers to the little pilot light that ignites underneath the roaster each morning. Without that small blue flame, there is no magic transformation of green beans to aromatic roasted coffee. That little flame ignites an entire array of burners underneath the rotating drum, bringing with it the flavours and get up and go we love about this blend.

Where flavour and body combine

Every blend is a sum of its parts, at the core of the Pilot Light Blend is a fantastic Colombian washed coffee from the Huila region, that brings sweetness, body and punch. A high grown coffee from the Simbu province of Papua New Guinea complements the South American beans, bringing chocolate and more body to the blend. And a third and final component is from Ethiopia, the home of the coffee plant, an earthy washed coffee from the Sidama region. The result is a full bodied and chocolatey coffee that has loads of flavour and low acidity.

Compared to the Moon Runner Blend, the roast profile is intentionally more developed, with milk-based espresso in mind. When drunk black the Pilot Light blend has an earthy, full body with low acidity and notes of bitter-sweet chocolate. Add milk and it's full and chocolaty with a smooth finish that goes on and on.

Each coffee is small batch roasted to its own unique profile and then blended and packaged at the roastery in Billinudgel in Northern NSW.

Pilot Light Blend

How do I know if I’m going to like the Pilot Light blend?

This blend is designed as a full-bodied coffee that cuts through milk for maximum flavour.

Richard Kelly, owner of Moonshine Coffee, explains.

“As coffee roasters we are always focused on what the customer needs. We strive to deliver a coffee that is sustainable, approachable, and consistently delicious. We designed the Pilot Light blend to provide a quality coffee that will please the milk coffee drinker who wants a punchy, full flavoured and full-bodied coffee.”

What is the best way to make coffee with the Pilot Light blend?

Pilot Light is a popular blend because it’s a full bodied, medium style roast that works across a number of brew methods. Many cafés who use Moonshine as their coffee choose the Pilot Light blend as their first serve option. Now you’ve read this post, ask your barista next time you’re in!

If you’re keen to brew Pilot Light blend at home, for espresso the suggested recipe for a standard double espresso is a 22 gram dose with a yield in the cup of 44-46 grams of coffee, and adjust your grinder so that the extraction time is around 30-32 seconds. If your coffee machine allows, adjust your water temperature to 94 degrees Celsius.

Though the coffee is roasted suitable for espresso machines, there is plenty of scope to enjoy the coffee at home by brewing on your stove top if you prefer.

Byron Moonshine Coffee

Where can I get some for home?

The Moonshine website is a great place to purchase freshly roasted coffee and have it delivered to your door (grab it here). You can choose whole beans or ask to have it ground to suit your brew equipment.

And you can put the dreaded ‘Oh no, we’re out of coffee!’ moment firmly in the past because Moonshine has your back with a regular monthly coffee subscription.

Pilot Light is also available in 250g and 1kg packs from Federal and Billinudgel Moonshine Coffee cafés. Their friendly baristas will grind it for you on the spot for ultimate freshness.

You can get your Pilot Light fix at these locations:

Roastery & Espresso Bar
447 Federal Drive
Federal NSW 2480
Monday to Friday 7:30 – 1:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 – 1:30pm.

New HQ, Espresso Bar & Training Centre
17 Lucky Lane
Billinudgel NSW 2483
Monday to Friday – 7am – 12:30pm

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