Exploring Timor-Leste's Coffee Heritage: Where Flavour Meets History

Tall misty hills, surrounded by coral reefs teeming with marine life. Welcome to Timor-Leste, a land where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the rich tapestry of history, and home to our current filter coffee roasts; crisp and clean Daurfusu Honey Filter Roast, and the sweet and balanced Natural Laclo Filter Roast.

Unlike many other origins, the Timorese are long-time coffee drinkers, who appreciate the beverage as more than a cash crop. Despite how little is spoken about this fiercely resilient nation, there’s plenty to be said about their coffee and its rich history. 

TImor Leste Coffee History and Heritage

A Glimpse into the Past

Coffee's journey in Timor-Leste began with Portuguese traders, who brought the beans to the island's shores. As sandalwood trading lost its charm, coffee emerged as a promising source of income. Fast forward to the 1860s, and coffee dominated the export scene, contributing significantly to the region's economy. However, the benefits were often skewed towards a select few, leaving local communities with a modest share.

Shifting sands of history brought about change, as the Portuguese departed and Indonesia took charge in 1976. Coffee production waned during this transition. Yet, the indomitable spirit of Timorese resilience prevailed. When the country regained independence in 2002, coffee reclaimed its role as a symbol of economic progress, driving a remarkable 80% of total export revenue today.


Savouring the Present Coffee Scene

In the present day, Timor-Leste's coffee landscape is a patchwork of flavours that reflect its diverse regions. Arabica flourishes in the elevated terrains, while Robusta finds its niche at lower altitudes. This combination of varietals and altitudes produces a range of flavours that cater to every palate.

Letefoho, situated in Ermera, stands out as a premier coffee-growing region. Its high altitudes, ranging from 1,300 to 1,900 metres, create an environment conducive to exceptional coffee quality. This area is celebrated for producing some of the finest Timorese coffees, a testament to its unique terroir.

Timor Leste Coffee Heritage

Strides Towards a Flavourful Future

Despite challenges such as arid weather and limited resources, Timor-Leste's coffee industry is making noteworthy progress. A focus on enhancing quality and productivity is driving positive change. NGOs are actively engaged in transforming harvesting and processing methods, while government investments in infrastructure are streamlining coffee transportation and production.

At Moonshine Coffee, we're more than just coffee enthusiasts—we're partners in this journey. Collaborating with farmers, cooperatives, and partners, we're committed to boosting both yield and quality. Our goal is to contribute to the flourishing legacy of Timor-Leste's coffee, one cup at a time.

So, as you savour your next cup of Moonshine coffee, know that you're enjoying the culmination of history, flavour, and dedication. Each sip is a tribute to the enduring spirit of Timorese coffee and the promise of a flavourful future.


Filter Roasts this Month

Daurfusu Honey Filter Roast 

This particular lot from Daurfusu has been processed and dried with the mucilage left intact, adding to body and sweetness whilst still maintaining crisp and clean clarity in the cup. Brewed well you can experience notes of black tea, butterscotch sweetness and a stone fruit finish.

Natural Laclo Filter Roast

Cultivated by 542 smallholders in Aileu in Timor Leste, this Naturally processed coffee delivers a sweet and balanced brew with delicious notes of tropical fruits and berry on the finish.

Timor Leste Filter Roasts

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